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Welcome to the Upcoach blog, this where we’ll share articles on the topics of growth, leadership, mindset, marketing and more. Published by our own team we’ll share content that is relevant and important to you as business owners with clear no BS approach and clear takeaway’s.

Why The Fear Of Failure Has Nothing To Do With Failure Itself

It’s often said that one of the biggest challenges we face as humans is the fear of failure. Funny enough it literally stops us in our tracks. So many people that I meet at my events when asked about why they haven't accomplished what they set out to do respond with “I’m scared that I may fail”. Now I believe that it isn’t as simple as this. Because this answer sounds linear (if that then this) however I  believe that [...]

Most Marketing Fails, But Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Give Up…

In case you didn’t realise it, marketing is the heart of your business. Without it, no one is going to know who you are or what you offer, and you’re not going to make any money = business suicide. Most businesses (yours is probably included in this) go about marketing the wrong way. They make HUGE mistakes, and lots of smaller ones too. So quit blaming your tools or the world, and let’s get real on why most marketing efforts [...]

How To Overcome Common Self-limiting Beliefs That Hold Business Owners Back

So many of us get held back in our personal and business lives by our self-limiting beliefs. But the thing about those beliefs is - we get to choose them, and we can choose positive, empowering ones, or limiting, negative ones. Here are just a few of the common lies we tell ourselves on a daily basis: “I’m not clever enough to run a business” “I’m too young and no-one will take me seriously!” “I’m too old and everyone will [...]

5 Key Principles To Designing A Business (And A Life) You Love

If you’re a business owner, you’ll know more than anyone how stressful and all-consuming it can be. You can find yourself thinking about your business all day every day, and find it hard to switch off and relax - during those few times you do allow yourself some time off! Whether you’re already full swing into running your own business, or you’re thinking of starting one up, this post will help you understand the key principles to designing a business [...]

How to Set Up Your Mindset for the Day

Creating content has its challenges, you can spend so much time working on just one piece of content such as a video or blog and you post it only for no one to see it. In this short training video Nick shares his 4 tips on how to create content that connects.

Everything You Need To Know Before Scaling Your Business

If you currently run your own business, but you’re ready to take things to the next level and scale up - this post is for you. But it’s not as simple as increasing what you do every day as a business. What’s working for you right now, probably won’t continue to work as your business grows. This is why you need to create a thorough plan, set goals, and start taking action to scale your business. Will it be easy? [...]

Welcome to Upcoach

How do I tell you about UPcoach, without sounding like I’m obsessed and/or biased about how fantastic this program is? Here are some facts: Let me start by telling you that our average client stays in the program for over 24 months. In today’s day and age, most programs see clients leave within 3 months, so this stat alone will paint a picture of the high caliber of the program. We also achieve measured growth ranging from 30% to over [...]

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