IMPACT Session by Upcoach

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Hyper-Growth Business Workshop

At this half-day IMPACT workshop we’ll be covering off:

  • Trajectory Mapping Strategy – We will show you how to set your business trajectory over the next 12 – 18 months and how to set important measurable milestones and get you mentally laser focused to ensure you are on track, profitable and ready for hyper growth
  • Lead Generation and Marketing Automation Formula – We cover how the “big boys/girls” actually create an abundant flow of leads on autopilot and how once you understand this you will be able to scale your business 10X
  • 7 Step Sales Conversion Timeline – This step by step timeline allows you to convert like never before. Just imagine closing sales higher and more profitable than you have previously experienced PLUS allows you to measure to replicate the process over and over again easily and effectively.
  • Profit Compounding Equation – Designed for you to simply understand the KEY numbers in order to rapidly scale your profits. Most importantly to understand the effects of compound financial mathematics ( I’ll show  you how 10% increase leads to over 220% profit)
  • Employee Performance Systems – One of the keys to Hyper Growth in your business is efficiency and high productivity from your employee’s while building good company culture and values. We will cover the fundamentals to create win/wins outcomes for you and your team without having to stress out and worry about employee retention.