At this half-day IMPACT workshop we'll be covering off:



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Trade Specific Intensive Workshop

  • The Business Growth 4 Part Blueprint - This shows you how to strategize, structure, systemise and scale your trade and construction business
  • Time Management - Getting off the tools is easier than what you think once you know how. You will learn how to manage your time more effectively by learning how to delegate tasks, manage your time better with the assurance of getting the job done properly.
  • Profit Equation - You will learn the key numbers to know to build your cash flow and increase your Income by plugging in the critical numbers (once you get it you will never have to suffer from poor profits ever again)
  • Quoting Formula - A step by step system to convert more leads and quotes into paying clients
  • Tech Hacks - The latest technology to create systems and processes in minutes which help you to work less, have others do the job exactly how you want it all whilst making more money.
  • Real Life Case Studies - Show you exactly how we've been able to grow hundreds of tradie businesses with real case study examples
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset - Learn how to keep focused, set goals and most importantly breakdown goals so you can achieve success.
  • Why People Fail - we talk about the main reasons trade and construction fail and how to avoid becoming a statistic (this alone is worth attending the show)


19th July

6PM - 9PM


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Metro Hotel Perth

61 Canning Hwy, South Perth


Trade Business Growth Strategies

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Helena Parker

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Workshop Presenter

As the founder and CEO of Nick Psaila International and Upcoach, Nick is also an author, keynote speaker, thought leader and business growth expert. Nick is the person behind not only the book UP-OLOGY but the UP-ology principles that have evolved into the guiding principles for everything we do with UPcoach. 

Nicks foundations have started early in his career as a sought-after business expert specialising in the trade industry. He started his career out of school as a toolmaker/ boilermaker and machinist where he worked for over 7 years. His extensive range in injection molding took many accreditations and experience in Sydney’s best tool shops. Following this career, Nick moved into the automotive industry working for giants like General Motors and Ford. His passion for cars led him into a 10-year path with him owning and operating some of Sydney's largest wholesale and retail outlets.

Developing a good eye for detail, he then joined forces with a life friend and property builder and began to buy, renovate and sell property all over NSW and Qld. Combining his skills in sales, marketing and business operation and his obsession with sharing his results Nick moved his career into business coaching where till today he shares his knowledge, world skills and outstanding results with business owners specialising in the trade and construction industry.

Not only has Nick worked with thousands of business owners and presents live on stages all over the world on how to grow and create success in business and personal life.

  • It is specifically designed to deal with problems and then offer solutions for business owners in the trade and construction industry 
  •  Every piece of content is backed by “real life” case studies of business owners in the trade and construction industry  
  • The information is all applicable straight into your business and has been field tested to ensure it works 
  • Nick has spent over 30 years in business, is a tradesman himself and has helped hundreds of trade and construction businesses throughout his career 

WHY this workshop will have a significant IMPACT in your business

61 Canning Hwy, South Perth

Metro Hotel Peth

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Here's what you'll get from attending this IMPACT Session...

  • A clear plan of how to scale to increase your income, streamline your operation and get valuable time back into your life 
  • Show you real case study examples of business owners who have grown their business by hundreds of percent to demonstrate that you too can achieve this 
  • Plug n play Worksheets that allow you to record the session notes and then apply them straight into your business 
  • PLUS the latest sales and marketing strategies to make a massive impact on your trade business and you will get to connect with business owners that are in complementary trades who are also attending the event