This is a common question.

The truth is, if you only want to survive in business, do the same thing every day and experience the same results, then you don’t need one.

But if you want to thrive in your business, grow your sales & profits, automate systems so that you don’t need to work as hard and start enjoying the freedoms that a real business can provide, then you’ll need a business coach to help you on that journey.

A coach’s role is to get the best out of you. To help push you, to keep you accountable, to support you, to provide advice on what to do and what not to do, so that you achieve your goals much faster.

If the founders of Google, Apple, Starbucks and a long list of the world’s leading companies all employ the services of business coaches, then we suggest if you’re serious about your business, you’ll need one too.

Over the last seven years, our business growth experts have worked with hundreds of hardworking business owners to grow their businesses. And over this time, we have refined the process that we use to create outstanding results.

Our 5 P’s Pentagon Blueprint forms the foundation of our Business Growth Programs and as such can be applied to ANY business and across ANY business niche, regardless of business size.

This Blueprint has been tried,tested and proven to produce results after results for our clients.

Click here to find out more, about how our 5 P’s Pentagon Blueprint can work for your business.

Think of the Strategy Call like a friendly “we want to find out a bit more about your business” call.

The purpose of this call is dive into your business, so we can assess how we can best serve you.

Its an open conversation, where we discuss operations, financials, sales & marketing, team and look at the challenges you may be facing.

This call is also set up with the intention NOT TO SELL you anything. Its purely an opportunity to find out more information and help create a strategy for the future.

PLUS as a Bonus, give you our observation and suggestions on how you can deal with any challenges that you are facing 

Yes. When you start your coaching program, you will have a dedicated Business Growth Expert matched with your business, to work alongside you throughout the full term of the program.

Our Business Growth Experts are just as dedicated to your success as you are (fact) and will work with you through every aspect of the program.

In terms of access, we run coaching sessions every fortnight, and check in with you every week to ensure progress is steady. We also promote an “open communication” policy, meaning you can reach out to your expert on email, phone or FB Messenger whenever you like.

Like anything in life, if you want to see results, you need to do the work.

In saying that, our programs are designed to work alongside your current business activities because we understand you need to run your business too. 

During the lifetime of the program, you will gain years of knowledge, understanding, use tested tools, resources, implement strategies, learn techniques and apply principles to help you grow your business AND become a more powerful business owner.

We know its not easy, but nothing in life worth fighting for is. We also know that your first 90 days are the most impactful and transformational. Our secret to success: start with an open mind, trust the experts, implement the advice and take action, and you are guaranteed to see results.

Thats ok. Because in the first 90 days we show you how to CREATE time. 

Time doesnt exist for those that are trying to “find” it. It becomes abundant for those that “create” it.

Once you start your program, your Business Growth Expert will help you to prioritise your most important activities and apply focus to what matters most.

By doing this we open up your working schedule and CREATE time that you didn’t have before. Then we get to work on investing the real value of your time, into positive ROI activities. 

Great question.

All of our programs are slightly different as they cater to different types of business needs. All programs offer a range of business boosting extras dependant on the length & type of program. 

Our standard program inclusions are:

  • Virtual Face to face one on one sessions (no group sessions)
  • Unlimited accountability and support from your Business Growth Expert
  • Unrestricted access to our online education platform
  • 90 day action plans
  • Access to our Exclusive closed group ‘TRIBE’ Facebook group

You can speak to any one of our team about a program that is best suited for your business.

Dependant on the type of program that best suits your business, will determine how much your program costs. Speak to one of the team to find out which program will best suit you.

Our intention however, is to pay for ourselves in the first 90 days (or less), which in turn provides you with ongoing profits as a result of the knowledge you’ll be learning.

We know that it takes some risk in order to reap the rewards. With Upcoach, we have done this before (hundreds of times) so we already know the risks and how to overcome them.

You will also need to have money to market your business. If you don’t have leadflow, you dont have sales. So its important that you have access to funds to help your business grow. 

Yes. In fact, we offer TWO Guarantees.

Our first, is the “Love it or Leave it” 30 day Guarantee. This means that if you start coaching and you find it just isn’t right for you, you can decide to cancel your coaching agreement within the first 30 days.

Our second guarantee is our ROI on Investment Guarantee. This means that at the end of your coaching program, if you haven’t seen a return of your program investment, then we’ll work for FREE until you do. This makes it easy for you to feel confident in our program’s ability to help your business grow.

All of our Business Growth Programs are One on One coaching.

We aren’t interested in “group” style coaching models, where you get thrown in with a bunch of other business owners and receive generic information without customising it to your needs.

Our One on One programs are not only highly customised, but are delivered personally and we feel our clients experience far more value, support and immediate impact as a result.

Right now! Before you miss the opportunity or waste another dollar on marketing, or miss another family event.

We look at it this way. If youre serious about growing your business fast, with someone that has done this before, using a proven method that works, then now is the time to get started.

Sometimes, it might take a few weeks to make a decision. We think that by letting a few weeks pass by, you’ll miss out on seeing immediate change, progress and results, simply by not taking action now.

Change requires change. Your future is up to you.

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