Our success is your success. Without our clients getting results, we don’t have a business. Without our clients getting results, they also do not have a business.

When people join our programs they usually may be after something particular such as leads or marketing. After a while they tend to realise that business goes so much deeper than that and we work with our clients on so many other aspects of themselves and their business and that’s really where we start to get the best results.

Listed below are some examples of just some of our clients who have joined our programs and have enjoyed not only the success but have really taken their business and their lives to the next level UP.

Tony Antoniadis

Tony Antoniadis

Roselands Automotive

“Nick has changed my life, gave me my family back and given me the confidence and strength to no longer be a mechanic but instead a business owner.

Tony was referred by a close friend and had already heard about the work that I was doing with other business owners

We spoke initially at his shop and I asked him why there was so much space that was taken up with friends cars, boats and other bits and pieces on the floor that should be used to generate income…He said we barely use the hoists we have and there is always room…

He had the business for 10 years and was maxed out at $5K per week and was working on the tools plus answering phones, ordering parts, invoicing etc 6 days per week with a  staff of 3 and running what he called a “cheque book business” money in account write cheque no money switch off phone


  • No systems
  • Mechanic mindset
  • Doing everything himself
  • No marketing
  • Not using software
  • Limited staff
  • Non steady cash flow

Tony’s goal was to increase the business and get off the tools and was happy if we doubled the business and he worked 5 days. Also wanted to take a holiday as for 10 years never had the ability to take holidays and struggled to pay bills sometimes

Our approach

Incrementally improve existing business and cash flow and revenue in 60 days. Start by creating basic systems which then led to a full systemised workshop. I started with shifting his mindset with the first point of call was increase prices by 10 % in the first 30 days

  • Created a 32 Point Safety checklist for every car ( this alone increased the business 4 Fold )
  • Became Female Friendly Accredited
  • Employed 2 FT mechanics plus detailer
  • New equipment to increase productivity
  • Created an outreach to government and Fleet service work
Ollies Security

Oliver Hoffman

Ollies Security Services

“The information that I have taken in and the networking has been first class. Feels the organisation and set us is amazing.”

Ollie came to one of our events in Wagga Wagga and at the time was experiencing some hardship and had a few things in business that hadn’t gone his way.


  • Ollie was looking to get some help with getting his business back under control again as his finances weren’t being managed effectively and his marketing was non-existent.
  • Ollie was also looking to expand his business into a new area of home security installations service which would be a new division and potentially new brand for his business
  • He also had very poor cash flow due to having to constantly chase up debtors who we late paying and needed a better system to manage his accounts

Solutions and Results

Ollie had a steep learning curve since joining our coaching program, within the first few mentoring sessions (where we flew down from Sydney to Wagga Wagga to work with him) we established very quickly that his business was in need of some expert help and a quick plan needed to be set in place to enable the business to stay afloat.

  • We worked with Ollie to establish exactly what his running costs were and what he needed to be charging to run his business in a profitable way
  • Ollie had quite a substantial tax office debt that needed to be managed to enable him to continue operating the business, we were able to connect him with expert negotiators to help mitigate him some payment arrangements that worked for both parties
  • We also mapped out Ollies 12-month business growth plan
  • Introduced the new division of the business and have started our marketing plan to drive new leads for the business
Corey Tozer Construction

Corey Tozer

Corey Tozer Constructions

“Nick has been amazing , he has changed my entire business in months. I am working on the business and everything is at my fingertips. We know where the money is, when it’s coming and most importantly have never been so profitable ”

Corey attended a Wagga Wagga event. He was going Ok but was a little flat in the direction and wasn’t sure how to systemise the business and grow it to the next level…


  • Corey had an existing business that was very heavily reliant on him in all facets of the business
  • The core of the business was good however there was a lot of loose ends and poor metrics
  • His cash flow was compromised due to working with the larger insurance companies and their payment terms

Our approach

Our approach was to first begin to systemise the operation and create the right processes so we could have a measurable approach to the work we were doing. Following this, we wanted to get project management software and an application built for communication the field and tracking of all jobs” real time” with our staff, the subcontractors and the insurance company effectively creating a high level of efficiency

Stage 2 was to scale the business and as such, we built new digital assets, started to advertise using social  media and grew his residential and new build work

  • We applied a new software program to use for project management
  • We started using Xero for all our accounting
  • Changed the payment terms and negotiated to get them from  90 – 120 days down to 30 – 45 Days massively improving our cash flow  
  • We created quarterly financial targets and an overall goal with an efficiency rating equal to an ISO 9001 company
Ofra Ronen

Ofra Ronen

Di Bartoli Coffee

“Master- You were able to come into my life and business and change it forever. Your expertise in growing not just my business but me personally are truly a gift. I have never been so inspired and so profitable. I can’t recommend you enough to anyone that simply wants to take the first step towards changing everything”

I met Ofra at a networking event where she had been working on a portable coffee cart making coffee at events to try to build her business. She had a little business that was just breaking even but had issues.


  • Staff
  • Cashflow
  • Systems
  • Clear strategy

Our approach

Her goal was to create a 7 figure business as for the earlier 5 years she was hovering around the $650 – 750 K working massive hours and had not been on a holiday for 5 years.

I started by changing her mindset and began to work on her thinking like a business owner not a barista…We then started to look at the most profitable product and started to increase our database connections through online and offline marketing, slowly starting to increase sales and margins

Chris Minturn

Chris and Lee Anne Minturn

Minturn Jewellers

“If there was ever a man who gave me the confidence I need to continue and then grow my business Nick is the guy…He is super switched on, his work ethic skill set and service levels are outstanding…What can i say life has changed for both Chris and I and the best part about it we have made the school better than it has ever been. I never want to lose Nick ”

Lee Anne attended one of our events in NZ and signed up for the 3 days Business Take off Masterclass…She had worked in her current business with her husband in which his father built and ran the business for 15 – 20 years.  They had inherited a business that was marginally fun as they are a training organization and was losing money and in some months breaking even with very poor cash flow and a super high-stress level…


  • Clarity of direction
  • Marketing and sales strategy
  • Database management
  • Growth experience
  • Self-esteem

Plus they were held back by the worry of not growing the school and looking like a failure to the dad

Our approach

Chris and Lee Anne’s main objective was to get the schools running at capacity ( when I started it was 55- 60% ) plus be able to not work 6 days a week and be able to have a holiday….

My initial approach was to look at the GAP between where we are and what we needed to fill to get to capacity. As such we started an internal marketing campaign which concentrated on our best-selling programs and bundled them into package offers

We also looked at pricing and increased it by 10% across the board which gave us the cash flow to advertise externally…Following this, I then created a course timeline that included upsells to upcoming programs and cross promotion

Stage 2: We looked at starting Jewellery sales i.e custom rings, bracelets, necklaces etc to the public at Wholesale prices PLUS all new class enrolments now came with a ”starter pack” which then included all course learning materials

Phase 3: We started to create an Online course curriculum for distance learning and are currently marketing this product which we believe will add a min if $100,000 in profit to bottom end all while using technology and no extra infrastructure costs

John Manciamelli

John Manciamelli

Hunterwood Solutions

“Nick comes in like a surgeon and just cuts deep into what the root of the problem is…He then precisely works on a holistic approach to help the business pick up momentum. It takes a world of knowledge, time, dedication and passion to do what he does and he is a master at it….results take and BS walk and all I can say is results, results, results is what he and his team deliver!! ”

John was introduced to me by an existing client and had just started a new company after being under a franchise which he had just sold, so basically, we were starting from scratch.

He had a limited customer list, with zero sales, was delivering live talks to doctors at lunchtime in the hospital and had limited business experience… He was excellent at presentation and also had a unique value-add product we could utilize…


  • New business
  • Small database
  • Not personal
  • No clear goals
  • No business plan

John was super skeptical and had never been coached before so was very guarded about the information he let out and basically didn’t believe in his ability or in mine…

Our approach

He had 1 clear objective that was $10,000,000 in sales per month… that’s what I had was working with

Step 1:

  • Worked on his mindset to get away from the “ I have to do it all” to let’s get other professionals doing the work for us
  • Set a clear 90 – 180-day milestone based plan
  • Create all sales timelines including upselling and cross-promotion of existing product
  • Create a “lead Magnet” called the Home loan Anniversary health check letter

Step 2:

  • Outsourced appointment setting
  • Outsourced paperwork support
  • Employed 2 professional mortgage broker with a % Bonus incentive

Step 3:

  • Began a campaign to upsell Investment property sales with people enquiring for the standard home loan who had equity on the property, this led to multiple loans and commissioned with an average of $20,000 in commission plus trailer per client

Step 4:

  • Created a new branch of the business concentrating on investment property sales by creating a membership for other mortgage brokers called Slipstream

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