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Welcome to the UpCoach blog, this where we’ll share articles on the topics of growth, leadership, mindset, marketing and more. Published by our own team we’ll share content that is relevant and important to you as business owners with clear no BS approach and clear takeaways.

How To Deal With A Team Member That Has Gone Rogue

Do you have a team member who has gone rogue? In any small to medium-sized business (defined by Harvard Business Review as under 200 employee’s and $100 MM in T/O), there are so many moving parts, which are overwhelming at times. Add human decision-making and emotions to the mix, and complications arise that can either make or break an attempt. This is why being a CEO with staff requires you to not only manage yourself but an entire team of different [...]

How To Make A Business Work When You Have A Business or Life Partner Involved

Business is tough enough on its own, without adding a life or business partner to the mix. There are thousands of businesses out there where a spouse, partner, or friend get involved and becomes part of the business. The horror stories of dissolved partnerships and businesses going to the wall, resulting in a split, or even worse, a failed marriage are also in the thousands. So, why is it so hard to keep the business on the straight and narrow? [...]

5 Most Important Sale Metrics You Must Know When Running A Business

Are you measuring your business performance? If not, how do you know if things are improving, or going downhill? And if you are, what do you measure? For a business to succeed, it’s important to track your work, sales, and financial figures. The best way to do this is to look at specific and relevant sales metrics or KPIs (key performance indicators) that will show you how your business is actually performing over a set period, and where it’s not. [...]

Which Website Platform Is Best? We Put WordPress And Others To The Test!

Social media is one of the best ways to get your message out there in our noisy world and attract customers. But that’s not enough. You also need a website that articulates your message and tells visitors who you are within seconds. A professional and slick website will draw people to you, and add credibility to your business. But which website platform should you use? Is WordPress King, or are there others that will do just as good of a [...]

The Motivation You Need To Keep Going In Your Small Business when You Feel Like Giving Up

If you’re new to running a small business then you might be finding this whole 'being in charge' thing more challenging than you originally thought. And if you’ve been running your business for many years now, you may have lost some of the steam you had in the beginning. In this article, we're going to help you find the motivation you need to keep going in your small business. It’s easy to lose motivation when it comes to anything: eating [...]

9 Habits To Start Today That Will Make You A Better Person

So, you found your way to this blog post because there’s something inside of you that knows you can be and do better. And we know it too! That’s why we’ve put together this list of small but powerful habits that you can incorporate into your daily life right now, which will put you well on your way to becoming a better person and living a fuller and happier life! Who doesn’t want that, right?! Control your mind. Meditation has grown to [...]

How To Get Your Small Business Prepared For Christmas!

Whether you run a business with a physical location, or you work completely online — it’s crucial that you start thinking about the Christmas season in advance, so you'll know how to get your business prepared for Christmas! You already know that any kind of marketing effort takes time to work, and Christmas is the most stressful time of year for anyone in business. Naturally, the sooner you start planning, the easier it will be. You can also do this [...]

9 Small But Powerful Ways To Accelerate Your Personal Growth

If you’re reading this blog post, chances are you’re in the top 10% of people who strive to always be growing in life. That includes on a personal and professional growth. And the truth is, both of these components of our lives have a huge influence on the other. Here’s a list of powerful ways you can accelerate your personal growth, starting today. Read as much and as often as you can Okay, you might be thinking, “but I don’t like [...]

Generating Leads Through Attraction Marketing

If you’re a small business the chances are highly likely that you are using social media to advertise in the attempt to attract leads to your business. Now there are 2 types of advertising 1. Brand awareness 2. Direct response Brand awareness is where Coca-Cola advertise online and offline using ads that are highly polished with a particular target audience (usually beautiful people) all having fun throwing beach balls and drinking glass bottle of the black stuff. Their prime directive [...]

How to supercharge your business using solution based thinking …

They say that every problem has a solution…right? Well yes but often it’s how do we think about solutions when there are so many obstacles that seem to compound themselves in business. Whether it is staff, cash flow, marketing, conversions, stock control and the list goes on, the key is to start by using the following strategies in order to take control and deal with any obstacle that throws itself at you. As you know there will always be problems it’s [...]

Phone sales are not dead!!!

In an age where technology rules pretty much every part of our life as business owners, I believe that we have forgotten that people still buy from people. Now I know using online Social media platforms have changed the sales and the way we connect for good I also know that the good old fashioned pick up the phone and ask for more information your prospects are still very much alive and well. Sometimes I think we have forgotten about [...]

3 Strategies On How Focused On Your Business

Trying to navigate the business terrain can be a minefield or should I say a “mind field”. Dealing with staff, suppliers, cash flow, marketing, strategies for growing the business, accounts, shipment and the list goes on and on. However one of the biggest challenges that business owners face is their ability to keep focused on a daily basis and not lose faith in the long run. Sometimes the pressure of owning and operating a business whether you a solopreneur or [...]

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